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The Benefits of Education through Music

Music is the best discovery of man. As one of the highest forms of expression, man was able to turn to music as his form of catharsis. Songs were written out of the deepest feelings and the best thoughts about life and love.

Music is appreciated by people from all walks of life and all ages. By all ages, it means adults and kids alike. The benefits of music for adults are obvious. For kids, there are numerous special benefits of music and learning different instruments. At an early age, there are children who manifest great interest and talent when it comes to music. However, it does not mean that those who only show early interests are the only ones who must learn and enjoy the benefits.

· Music education and learning how to play musical instruments develop the child’s left side of the brain which is involved in the processing of language. Also, it nurtures the child’s spatial intelligence since there is a link between music and this kind of intelligence. This intelligence is about identifying things that may come together up to solving mathematical problems.

· Music as a form of Art really helps kids grow up with creativity. Through art, they could think in all aspects and not merely search for one concrete answer. This is where critical-thinking starts. There is also one study that shows how much it could help students develop special academic skills. The results state that kids who learn music excel in achievement tests in high school compared to those who do not.

· Through music, a child could get easily exposed to different people, different cultures. This would allow them to know, discover, explore and understand other people and other culture. This is an early training for them to be exposed to what the world is.

· Kids also get educated on how to build the craftsman in them. Moreover, in playing the instrument, mastery is a factor. That makes a mistake- really a mistake. With this, a student learns the value of consistent effort to achieve excellence or satisfaction. Learning how to play instruments in a group makes a kid learn the essence of teamwork.

· Musical instruments will teach kids to actively participate in learning than sit down and observe only. Furthermore, it will enhance his self-expression. The most important thing is that kids learn to conquer their fears, show their talents and share what they have. This is a foundation of a better growth and development in the holistic sense.

Education has the most flexible range. As much as possible it could extend its arms on every aspect that may mold a person into somebody who would be of real life, living not just for his very self. But, for the world.

How to Get an Education in Music

Nothing spells success like having a great, quality-driven education from an accredited institution. In today’s world, things have change drastically since the beginning of Hip-Hop/Rap music in the early part of the 1980’s. There is playing field that has been leveled when it comes to the increased number of opportunities for minorities, therefore these same opportunities should be acted upon wisely. To begin, the U.S. President Barack Obama has pushed to further the education of every American citizen without the exclusion of women and girls.

Destitute women and girls can and should be using the educational platform to enhance their lives and raise the level of awareness to others who might think they cannot do it. In the music business, there is an accredited institution that many men and women are enrolling into and in doing so, the new breed of music professionals are beginning to step to the forefront and run things for themselves. To my knowledge, this University is an Award-Winning School for Entertainment Media that offers an exceptional education in both on-campus and online classroom settings and it has been in operation for at least 30 years.

Currently, the amount of women heading up Fortune 500 companies is outstanding but there is still many more years of improvement to complete. In fact, according to a company named Catalyst, a nonprofit organization that advocates bringing more women into the professional business ring, Canadian women hold 14.5% of board seats and in America, it’s only 16.1%. With so many various doors being sprung open, both of these numbers should be higher. The reason that they are not is mainly because of a lack of education.

In Hip-Hop/Rap music and entertainment, women are consistently held at a disadvantage because they have allowed themselves to become limited in their power. There is power in words and numbers but to create the words and multiply the numbers, an education is vital. Men see them as either all talk or all body, with nothing in-between. For years, the world has heard the public outcry for an equal opportunity based civilization but when the doors of opportunity are opened, so few of us run through it that it is easily closed again. Scholarship opportunities are passed on and placed back into the lot as the attention that should be given unto it is diverted by the various distractions such as t.v., the media, and life in general. Until the women teach the girls better, the cycle will repeat itself and not only that, an increase in the amount of women and young girls involved with the penal system is experienced. Sad, but true.

The main objective of this short article was simply to induce (motivate) the thought processes of a woman or a girl to give birth to a happier, healthier, more successful life. I encourage every female rapper who may come across this work to place nothing higher than her education. She deserves it, and so does the Hip-Hop/Rap music and entertainment industry. We can do better and with the proper education, we will!